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Product Description

The DPX-400 is used as part of the counting pedestrian on activation system which sends detection information to a web Server for the end user to use this information to make decisions on traffic environment. The system automatically detects a waiting pedestrian at a crossing, and places a pedestrian call to the traffic lights, or pedestrian indicator signals (beacons and/or smart studs).

Either working with APS pushbuttons or without, it can also actuate the locator tone when pedestrians are within 12 feet (3.6 metres) to the signal pole, otherwise the locator tone is muted.

Pedestrian detection sensors are improving safety and efficiency at signalized intersections and pedestrian crossings. Detection of pedestrians allows for the dynamic control of traffic lights and warning lights, such as flashing beacons or in-road lighting – combinations, either, or both is optional.

The pedestrian sensors combine a video camera and detector in one unit. The sensors make use of predefined detection zones (“virtual loops”), superimposed on the video image. As soon as a pedestrian enters the predefined zone for an allotted time period, a detection output is sent to the traffic light controller, enabling the activation of dynamic traffic signal schemes. However, if there is suddenly no pedestrians detected within that zone, the pedestrian call will be cancelled.

The DPX-400 WCS (Web-Server) interface can be used to analyse vital Pedestrian Crossing information. Pedestrian signal phases can be retrieved and used for intersection performance measure that include (but not limited to):

  • Pedestrian volume at different time in each direction of the crossing
  • Pedestrian occupancy per signal phase
  • Pedestrian crossing information such as location, maintenance activity, pedestrian visions, etc.

A standalone desktop software application can be used to remotely access pedestrian counts and intersection performance measure stored at the server, which can also be graphically displayed at local computers.

See the DPX-400


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