Australian remote access

Since 1983 Dataplex has designed, built and implemented purpose made telecommunications systems

We work with Government and Corporate organisations to deliver on complex yet simple M2M solutions

Traffic measurement and control solutions

School zones, shutter signs, variable message signs and, pedestrian and bicycle counting

The Dataplex product suite is comprised of applications that meet the needs of state motoring authorities and local councils who require industry grade systems to remotely monitor, control and measure road systems.

Our units can be placed in roadside cabinets (withstanding extreme temperatures) and run on mains and battery/solar systems (use very little power). Connectivity options include 3G/4G and Ethernet on open and closed networks.

  • Ready built solutions

    Our products are plug and play with minimal configuration required

  • Fully customisable to your needs

    We have a team of engineers who can accomodate existing and/or legacy systems

  • Professional support

    Our technical team is available to assist with installation and maintenance

  • All solutions meet and exceed industry standards

    Our implementations are stress tested and usually don't require software updates

Dataplex Manufactured Remote Access Modems

3G/4G, VDSL, Broadband, Ethernet, Zigbee and PSTN accessible devices

We design, develop and manufacture our modems to meet the demands of critical applications such as road side systems to monitor and control traffic.

Dataplex modems are industry grade and meet federal, state and local government specifications in Australia and internationally. Some modems in our suite are expandable platforms both in terms of software and hardware capabilities

  • Heat resistant

    Tested in extreme temperatures

  • Industry grade

    Designed an manufactured for extreme reliability

  • Remotely accessible

    The configuration and maintenance for some of our modems can be done via the internet or intranet

Research and development activities

Track record on delivering effective customised solutions

Dataplex has an extensive track record on delivering high quality government, industrial and commercial solutions. Developing custom platforms and/or utilising third-party capabilities to create truely innovative applications.

Our engineering teams are available to resolve your challenges from conceptualisation, development, manufacture and support.