Migma Bicycle Counting

Product Description

MigmaBicycle™ is an outdoor passive bicycle detector and counter at bike paths or shared roadways. It can be used to place bike calls when bicyclists are detected in forward and left turn directions. Bicycle counts are stored, 24/7, and their summary reports can be easily generated and saved in Excel-based on average counts in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually formats.

The system contains:

  • High resolution IR LED stereo camera for day/night detection
  • Industrial single board computer (SBC) running Windows XPe
  • Robust bicycle detection/counting using stereo vision analysis
  • Bicycle counts and/or images are saved locally in USB drive and/or remotely at data server or Amazon Cloud Stored data are organized in terms of timestamps and location names such as state, city, intersection and corner Standalone system utilizing city network for data transmission
  • Cameras are powered over Ethernet (PoE) Simple wiring and connection using CAT5e Ethernet cables