Research and Development

Our Process

Rapid prototype development

Our team comprises of software and hardware engineers, plus skilled technical project managers. We are very confident in delivering a customised solution beyond basic requirements.

01. Needs assessment

Our engineers will understand your requirements and conduct site assessments.

02. Prototype

Rapidly prototype fundamental requirements.

03. Test

Conduct industry grade stress testing on and offsite.

04. Refine and Support

Our engineers will provide your teams with high availability support in the unlikely event something needs changing or configuring.

What does it mean to be with Dataplex?

Australian Based Engineers

All our products are engineered in Australia. Software, hardware and service engineers are directly available for support.

Join Our Technical Culture

We are engineers and love technology, so you will love us!

Located in Australia's Premier Research Area

Our office is located at North Ryde.

Our Development Philosophy

What platforms do you use?

Dataplex’s development teams create customised solutions using the DPX-400 platform, an in house developed low power, industrial grade, weather resistant modem. Alternatively, we use Netcomm modems or Raspberry Pi platforms depending upon the application.

  • Secure Platforms

    Our hardware solutions can detect equipment tamper

  • Industrial and Commercial Grade

    We have very high reliability in mind

  • Fast Turn Around

    We develop and build solutions fast

  • Government Compliance

    We are federal, state and local government compliment for secure and confidential applications

  • Standards Complient

    Our custom applications can be developed to meet strict industry compliance measures

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