Migma Pedestrian Counting Systems

Product Description

MigmaPedCountâ„¢ can count multiple pedestrians walking in groups through advanced pedestrian tracking technology.

The pedestrian counting sensor consists of stereo camera and scanning laser.

Advanced features include:

  • High resolution IR LED stereo camera for day/night detection
  • High resolution laser scanner for separation of pedestrians
  • Industrial single board computer (SBC) running Windows XPe
  • Counting large number of pedestrians walking in groups and in two directions simultaneously with accuracy over 95%
  • Pedestrian counts and/or images are saved locally in USB drive and/or remotely at the server in traffic control center
  • Stored data are organized in terms of timestamps and location names such as state, city, intersection and corner
  • Standalone system utilizing city network for data transmission
  • Sensor is powered over Ethernet (PoE) Simple wiring and connection using CAT5e Ethernet cables

Although one pedestrian will be detected multiple times when walking across the crosswalk, he or she can only be counted once.

Automated vehicle counting technology has been in use for many years, but developments in automated pedestrian counting technology have been limited.

Pedestrians are more difficult to detect, track and count, than motor vehicles because their paths are much less constrained.

Current sensors for pedestrian crossing:

  • Laser scanners
  • Piezo-electric pads
  • Computer vision
  • Infrared beam counters
  • Passive infrared counters

None of them work well on their own

The stereo camera can provide 3D information about pedestrian’s body and laser scanner can separate pedestrians walking in group.

Binocular Camera + Laser Scanner = Higher accuracy