DPX-400-SxD SCATS® modem

Project Description

DPX-400-SxD SCATS® modem


(TfNSW Type Approval certificate number: ITS-TAN000120 spec TSI-SP-018 Rev 4.0)

DPX-400-SxD Overview

  • The DPX-400-SxD is designed to be in accordance with TfNSW Specification: TSI-SP-018 Rev 4.0 with TfNSW
  • Type Approval TfNSW TSI-SP-018 Rev 4.0 (ref ITS-TAN000120)
  • Dual SIM Mobile Broadband (two network provider 4G back-up and restoral) – used if ADSL2+/VDSL2 lines go down
  • Super Capacitors for “brown out” protection (up-to 10 seconds)
  • Bluetooth MAC address collection for AddInsight applications
  • I/O blocks 2 x 12V source plus 3 Input’s and 3 Relay Outputs
  • Supporting VC4/VC5/ VC6 TSC’s regardless of firmware age.
  • ADSL2+/VDSL2 module tested (and passed) by Telstra-Lab NBN (Melbourne) in 2019 before inclusion

Power Protection

  • Input power filtering covering noise, transient suppression and pulses coming down the line.
  • 240VAC protection short circuit and failure 2A fused.
  • Common mode and differential mode protection
  • Transient protection 8/20uS pulse.
  • Max input protection current 6KA (1pulse) 1KA (50pulses)
  • This value is the aging of the varister Clamp voltage 800V.
  • Both X & Y safety capacitors are fitted.
  • Mains pulse testing can be performed without the system on as the mains protection is an independent circuit

Lightning Protection

  • Two levels of internal lightning protection – field replaceable 1st level GDA
  • (Gas Discharge Arrestor) for common & differential protection and varistor across line to ground
  • Integrated router has 2
  • nd level DC blocking caps, TVS and GDA
  • DPX-400-SxD unit has excellent surge/lightning protection (Surge/flicker/transient), this protection ensures connection speeds remain high.

Visual Indicators (LEDs)

  • The Front panel is designed to have a simplified section of indicators that provide sufficient information for fault diagnosis and operational qualification.
  • Critical functions use Variable intensity Coloured (Red/Green/Amber) LEDs which provide unambiguous and good visibility in direct sunlight.



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