Product Description

AccessPoint-Processor is a dedicated communications processor designed specifically for the AccessPoint management and security communications system. AP-Processor integrates PC, modem and network technology to provide reliable dial-in/dial-out applications processing capability. Each AP-Processor card contains a fully operational PC with video and keyboard interface, a high speed modem and high performance Ethernet network controller. This closely coupled combination offers superior performance over separate PC and modem solutions. With AP-Processor, a myriad of applications can be constructed and integrated into the one platform to serve the communications needs of almost any business.

AccessPoint-Processor is the ideal solution for teleworking, remote access, mobile access, branch office connectivity and local network access. Any application which previously resided on a networked PC can now be executed under AP-Processor (provided the PC capabilities are similar).

Accesspoint Processor 16Mb

  • Integrates multiple enterprise communication services into a single enclosure
  • Eliminates cabling complexity and reduces space requirements
  • Fully optimised design architecture for increased performance
  • Add and remove processor cards as required
  • Fully compatible with AccessPoint-Manager and AccessPoint-Security
  • Supports NetWare, TCP/IP, Microsoft WFW, LAN Manager and Windows NT
  • Non-proprietary design and fully compliant with industry standard protocols
  • No additional components required and expansion facility exists
  • Manage any PC via a single monitor/mouse/keyboard (DPX-350 AP-Nest only)
  • Permits connection of a second modem to double the number of dial-in/dial-out ports (via COMM2)
  • Create dedicated application servers and run DOS, Windows, Unix and OS/2 applications
  • Use off-the-shelf, custom written or Dataplex supplied software
  • SNMP, Ethernet and serial based management
  • Remote management function for resetting and configuring the PC section of AP-Processor
  • Automatic hardware reset on loss of carrier
  • Front panel LEDs indicate PC, modem , network and HDD activity
  • Built in video, keyboard, mouse and floppy disk multiplexor
  • Intel 80486DX4-100 CPU
  • HDD storage up to 400Mb and DRAM memory expandable to 128Mb
  • Identical BIOS, memory, I/O and interrupt configurations for ease of manageability
  • Up to eight processor cards in one AP-Nest
  • ISDN and Pentium options available
  • Includes software drivers
  • Dual, hot swappable power supplies (AP-Nest)
  • Austel approved
  • Designed/written by Dataplex in Australia

Supports a Myriad of Applications
Example applications include an e-mail server; a gateway/router; file, print and fax servers; Notes server; dedicated dial-up hosts for remote control/remote node applications; NLM servers, database servers and a host of other specialty servers and applications.

Proactive Management of PC/Modem
Automatic reset of the processor on modem call disconnect/loss of carrier is fully user configurable (including the delay between loss of carrier and processor reset). The modem section includes the standard proactive management features (refer to AP-Manager).

Full Management via Windows/DOS
Windows/DOS management software provides a text mode link to the PC component of AP-Processor’s video and keyboard. This can then be used to run the ROM resident Set-Up utility. Also, as the system is integrated with the AccessPoint-Management system, SNMP/Ethernet/serial and remote management is possible.

Extensive Control and Configuration
From AccessPoint-Manager you can reset the PC; edit PC CMOS variables (such as time/date, hard disk drive information, serial numbers, BIOS versions and MAC layer address information); set call end options (such as PC reset and reset delay) and set modem action on PC reset (such as busy out until PC ready). Also, full monitoring functionality is offered. For example, PC reboots may be logged if required.

Eliminates Standalone PC Problems
As AP-Processor employs standard PC/modem technology, the PC component maintains identical BIOS, memory, I/O and interrupt configurations to other AP-Processor cards. This consistent interface ensures trouble free maintenance. AP-Processor replaces unreliable PCs (not specifically designed for communications tasks) and adds a sophisticated yet easy to operate management platform. Also, the modem component is identical to a normal nest-mount or desktop modem and therefore no additional learning is required.

Full Security for Modem Component
Standard AccessPoint security applies to the modem component. If security is enabled for a particular slot, any dial-in user must be validated. Also, with the optional AP-Advanced Security option, Token based access, challenge response and DES based encryption is possible.