Product Description

Accesspoint 240VAC Power Supply module

  • Provides transparent links to Ethernet LAN’s
  • Management via a serial dumb terminal, a serial Windows application, Ethernet SNMP manager or over a dial-up link
  • Provides convenient access to corporate data, applications and services
  • Simplicity, flexibility and scalability
  • Integrates many communication services
  • Compatibility with industry standard communications applications
  • Reduces equipment needs, cabling complexity and administrative work
  • Simple to configure via Windows interface
  • Proactive management feature allows action to be taken without administrator intervention
  • Supports latest high speed modems for fast file transfer
  • Optimised system architecture guarantees the highest possible performance
  • User database maintained with ODBC support
  • Option of using third party management software
  • Remote download feature for quick and easy upgrade
  • Eliminates the need to buy multiple components such as printer/fax servers, file servers and terminal servers
  • Different security levels ensure all network access is controlled
  • Easy management of dial-in/dial-out modems
  • Hot swappable modules to eliminate down time
  • Fault tolerance maximises up-time for mission critical communications
  • User can run off-the-shelf applications to customise the system
  • Support for third party security devices
  • Replaces unreliable PCs with dedicated processors
  • Compact design allows many applications to be located in the one nest and makes servicing simple
  • Provides a low cost upgrade path as new technologies become available
  • High density enclosure allows one nest to replace an entire room of PCs
  • Increase/decrease the number of dial-up links as bandwidth needs dictate
  • Provides reliable and cost effective access for dial-up users
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance

Supports a Multitude of Applications

Remote Control/Node Server
AccessPoint-Processor permits connection of remote PCs to the network and provides all the capabilities of a directly attached device. AccessPoint can be configured as a Remote Access Server to provide mobile and branch office users with on-going access to corporate data. With this system, managers and other telecommuters can work at home interruption free; branch office users get real time information from corporate databases and mobile sales people can dial into the network with their laptops and enter orders, check inventory, request information and send electronic mail. No longer does a user need to be at work to commence work.

Printer/Fax Server
AccessPoint replaces the expensive, space wasting, error prone practice of using network based PCs functioning as fax and printer servers. Configured as a fax server, AccessPoint allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their network workstations. Users have all the advantages of normal faxing/printing from a server (no waiting in queues and the ability to send/receive faxes from a PC).

Communication Server
When used as a communications server, BBS applications, Lotus Notes, SCO Unix, Novell NetWare, Windows NT and most other operating systems and server functions can be collapsed into the one manageable unit. With AccessPoint, you can run all popular third party communication services, or Dataplex supplied Communications Servers. This is ideal for Remote Control and Remote Node applications and frees up many resources on the LAN.

Dial-in/Dial-out Email Gateway
Most solutions using mail gateways require a networked PC with an attached modem. AccessPoint integrates these components into a single unit that runs all the major E-mail packages, such as cc:Mail, MS-Mail or Novel MHS. Remote office and mobile users have enterprise-wide communications functionality and better still, easy access to the Internet.

Terminal Server
Configured as a terminal server, AccessPoint allows users to dial-in and have terminal sessions with network hosts. Users can connect to a host computer, minicomputer, corporate mainframe or third party service, such as CompuServe or the Internet. Support for TELNET dial-in/dial-out access allows users to access UNIX hosts and other TELNET services. All dial-in/dial-out activity is easily managed and controlled.

Modem Pooler
When used as a modem sharing station, the need to buy modems for each and every user is eliminated. Fax and data services for both inbound and outbound calls are properly managed. With this system, ports are dynamically allocated so that ports used for dial-in operation can also be used for dial-out operation. AccessPoint supports all major third party terminal emulators and provides economical access to bulletin boards and other service providers.

All the Functions For all the Users

In many network environments, PCs are often used as dial-up servers, E-Mail servers, fax servers, printer servers and gateway devices. Because they are not specifically designed for such functions these PCs consume precious space, complicate wiring and are prone to error. AccessPoint dedicated processors give users fast and reliable access to a wide range of network based facilities.

AccessPoint supports integration of multiple enterprise wide communication services. Users can execute applications that operate under Windows, DOS, UNIX or OS/2. They can check E-mail, update files, permit file sharing, perform database searches and access network resources such as printers, file and fax servers.

Each LAN based service is contained on a separate AccessPoint-Processor card or AccessPoint-Controller card. One phone call gives users access to a host of applications. Such easy and constant access represents large productivity gains, particularly so when you consider access is from anywhere and at anytime.

Remote Control and Remote Node Applications

As a fully integrated access system, AccessPoint includes a variety of communications modules – from the latest high speed modems to user programmable communication server cards. Solutions can be custom designed for a multitude of applications. AccessPoint gives you the ability to execute Remote Control and Remote Node applications simultaneously over the one dial-up link, made possible by high speed modem technology.

Remote Control
Using Remote Control software such as Reachout, PCAnywhere, Co/Session or Carbon Copy, users can dial into the corporate LAN and take full control of the application server – where all processing occurs. Once connected to the corporate LAN, users run applications as though they were directly attached to the LAN.

Only results of the applications processing (screen update and keystroke information) are transferred. Remote network access is transparent and connection to the corporate LAN is straightforward. File intensive applications such as Windows or database applications are ideal candidates for remote control technology.

Remote Node
Similarly, Remote Node extends the LAN via a dial link but in this case, all network traffic travels to the remote PC for processing. Using this technology, the user executes a PPP compatible network driver which resides on a AccessPoint-Controller card.

Client/server databases, terminal emulation or interactive applications such as DTP and E-mail are best suited to Remote Node technology. Any combination of AccessPoint cards and Dataplex nest mount modems can be housed in the AccessPoint-Nest. Even on poor quality lines, Dataplex modems provide the highest possible throughput. Management of these modems is made simple via AccessPoint-Manager.

With AccessPoint, the network administrator has complete control over all dial-in/dial-out communications and can still provide concurrent access to multiple services. Remote access may be achieved via radio modems, cellular telephones, trunked radio systems or two-way radio systems. Support for ISDN ensures that your investment is protected as new technologies emerge.

Manageability, Security, Reliability, Flexibility and Support in one Platform . . .

AccessPoint features a comprehensive range of tools that allow fault, inventory, configuration and accounting management. With AccessPoint-Manager, capacity planning and constant availability is made easy via intuitive Windows based management software. The system supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), allowing popular SNMP managers such as HP OpenView, Novell NMS or SunNet Manager to be used. Advanced real-time management tools give the network administrator the ability to monitor system performance, diagnose failures and respond to them as they occur. With proactive management, action can be taken without administrator intervention – responding to events before they occur. This can be achieved via a locally attached PC or dumb terminal. A PC and modem can also be used when remote management is required.

As access is extended outside the corporate premises, security is paramount. The AccessPoint system offers many levels of security, including password verification, secure callback, software/hardware token security and DES based encryption for all inbound and outbound calls. All access to the network is monitored and controlled by AccessPoint-Manager and the network administrator can define access rights for up to 64,000 users. This prevents unauthorised access, malicious damage or corporate theft of intellectual property.

Given the importance of the communications infrastructure to business livelihood, reliability and other performance related issues are critical. AccessPoint employs proven Dataplex modem technology combined with superior PC technology. Users can easily establish and maintain a connection, even over poor quality lines. Reliability coupled with high performance ensures constant accessibility.

Flexibility calls for solutions that integrate with existing LAN equipment and provide a trouble free upgrade path for network expansion. AccessPoint gives you the ability to scale the network as user needs dictate. You can add or remove any of the AccessPoint cards, modems and storage modules whenever required (without disrupting LAN activity). Using third party and Dataplex supplied software, communications processors can be tailored to suit individual applications. Integration of new and current technologies is equally addressed by the system as AccessPoint is based on industry standards and proven technology. Comparability with existing standards and a quick upgrade path to the latest technology ensures equipment will not become obsolete.

Dataplex has earned an enviable reputation for full engineering support, custom design, training and ongoing service. Our commitment to customer support has been built on extensive experience in the design and installation of switched network systems.